4' x 6' Single Axle Trailer: Introduction

4x6_trailer_side_profile.jpgThe 4'x 6' trailer is one of the most useful little big trailers around, small enough to tow behind a small car but big enough to handle most things thrown at it. Fold the front tailgate down and remove the rear and you can cart a longer load with ease. Great for camping, home renovations or just everyday use, this is a small trailer with big possibilities.

This trailer with or without brakes can be rated up to 3000 lb GTW depending on your states braking requirements.

Just a note of caution if towing this trailer behind an SUV or similar large vehicle. This trailer can and will disappear behind the vehicle and it can be easy to forget you are towing a trailer if unseen, it also makes the trailer difficult to reverse.

This design runs 14" tires, has 15" high sides with an internal, level capacity to carry 30 cu ft, or more if heaped up.

Specifications -

4x6_rear_detail.jpg- Deck Size 6' x 4' (1830mm x 1220mm)
- Single axle 14" wheels
- Fully welded steel chassis
- Steel panel sides/tailgates
- Hinging front and rear tailgate
- Full length tie rails
- Timber Decking
- 3000 lb GTW
- Tare Weight 510 lb

Heavy duty fenders with fender braces, a strong rear light channel to protect your lights, plenty of tie downs and a strong dependable tongue which can be set up for hydraulic or electric brakes easily. What more could you want - Lets start building!