Car-Transporter.pngWant to save hundreds of dollars by building your own trailer?

Are you looking for free trailer plans?

Do you want to look after & maintain the trailer you already have?

Welcome to Trailersauce!

Trailersauce is your guide & resource for all you need to know about building a trailer, buying a trailer or maintaining your existing trailer.

Tow_Dolly__car_on_3-w355-h180.pngTrailersauce aims to help both the handyman and engineer to have access to trailer designs and information, as well as providing general trailer information for anyone who wishes to learn more about their existing trailer, how to maintain it and how to operate it safely.

I hope you find using this site, free trailer plans and step by step instructions easy to follow, and any potential trailer building rewarding.  

 I have been engineering for over 30 years and have had many years designing and building trailers professionally.

As time goes on, I will be adding more plans and information, so check back often.

6-x-10-tandem-master-1a-tra-w355-h180.pngThe trailer plans within this website are easy to understand and are set in a way that will take you through the build with both instructions and easy to read drawings.

The trailer plans are infinitely adaptable to whatever end requirement you have and as long as the basic rules and your local transport/state laws are adhered to, you can customize each trailer design as you wish.

You will not find fancy, hard to read CAD (computer aided design) drawings or overly technical drawings on this website, as many of these drawings get bogged down in the details and can be for many (including engineers), difficult to read and visualize. Here you will find easy to read sketches and descriptions to see what things should look like and how they go together in the correct order.

Flatdeck-Trailer-2-trans-w355-h180.pngSome of the free-plans now have a $5 downloadable version which are print friendly and ad free. If you are serious about building a trailer, this is the way to go!

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like information on anything trailer related.

Happy Trailering!


Getting Started

Welder.jpgShould I build or buy a trailer?

There is something very rewarding about building your own trailer and if you have the time, equipment and the space to embark on this task, then this is an easy question to answer. Once you have your own trailer, you will find uses for it that you would never have imagined!

Building your own trailer can be a good evening project done over a couple of months, or if you have a well set up workshop and the skills to accomplish it, you could have a fully functioning trailer completed in a couple of weekends.

Just remember that building a trailer is not necessarily the cheapest option and can, depending on the options you put into your trailer, be more expensive than buying a new trailer from your local manufacturer - BUT - there is almost nothing in the world better than driving down the road towing a trailer that you have crafted using your own hands and skills!

It gives a great feeling of satisfaction to have built a trailer that is uniquely yours and something that you can be proud of.

Single Axle Trailers


This range includes drawings and instructions for 3 trailers including a 4' x 6', 4'6" x 7'" and an 5' x 8' all running 14" wheels and with a Gross Vehicle Mass of 3000 lb. Plans are now available for building your own Tow Dolly and Ground Loading (no ramps) trailer.Tow-Dolly-profile-2.png

 Tandem Axle Trailers


Currently we have a 5' x 8' and 6' x 10' dual/tandem axle trailer available as well as a 3.6 x 2.0m Flatdeck trailer.  NEW - Car Hauler Trailer Plans now available!! More plans to come shortly!